Alex Rivers - Integrative Counselling
My Counselling Approach
Our voices can be heard and our silenced voices can be noticed by their absence. There is a loss and a wound to all of us in our absent voices. I aim to help my clients find their silenced and absent voices and to integrate the loss that this absence or silence can symbolise.
By listening to your personal story and reflecting the gaps, we will work together to acknowledge all that you have been through and work on processing these experiences within yourself.
As we carry this loss and this absence within us, we start to embody this wound in our relating patterns and live with habitual relating styles. I aim to help my clients understand their participation in their own relating style in order to support awareness and enable opportunities for change.
This approach can help you to;
Develop your self-confidence
Develop positive relationships
Feel more comfortable in groups
Long-term open-ended counselling
Short-term counselling
Links to Other Listings
If you feel my approach is not for you then don't give up! It can be anxiety provoking to start counselling and to look for someone to work with, but I can recommend the following sites for you to browse in order to look for anyone who has a different approach that might suit your needs;
Links to Resource Groups
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