Alex Rivers - Integrative Counselling
Initial Contact
Please make your initial contact by phone or email. My aim is to respond to you within 24 hours.
By Phone : If you contact me by phone and you do not manage to speak with me then please leave me a voicemail with your phone number and a time/day when it is suitable for me to return your call and I will return your call.
phone: 07880.494970
By text : If you contact me by text, then I will respond by text unless you leave me other contact details. 
phone: 07880.494970
By email : If you contact me by email, then I will respond to you with email unless you leave me other contact details.
email : [email protected] 
Fees are negotiable and are based on your income and affordability.
I believe in making counselling accessible for us all and I support low cost availability.